What we do?

For over 6 years, Boomopolis has been an outsourced social media content studio for businesses and agencies of all sizes. We utilize influencers to create and distribute ENGAGING branded content across the web – allowing brands to flourish.
Our industry expertise saves brands both time and money as we use unique strategies to increase ROI.  Through our network of influencers on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok and other social platforms, we have access to over 300 million users in various content categories to fit any brand’s demographic. Due to the volume of deals we do and our face to face relationships with influencers, we get them at discounted rates and pass along that savings to our clients. We also know which ones are most reliable, affordable, creative and available to do promotions. (We track their activity regularly). In fact, as early pioneers in the space, we provided the very first brand deals to some of the top social stars working today including Liza Koshy, Lele Pons, Jake Paul, Hannah Stocking and more.
After the brand approves the influencers we identify, we handle the entire campaign and send a detailed report back to the brand. Our pricing is very competitive (guaranteed impressions, engagements and following levels), and the results speak for themselves. Get a customized proposal today

Why Choose Us

*White Glove Concierge Service – We are way beyond a simple automated service. We are hands on – including influencer identification, booking, creative, payments, content management, post scheduling to maximize engagement, orchestrating contests and public appearances – we do it all. Most importantly, we create a real strategy that gives brands and agencies the most bang for their buck.

*Competitively Priced (We will beat any of our competitors’ verified pricing)

*Unique Creative Spin to Drive Results

*Face to Face Relationships with Influencers

*Technology to Spot Influencer Fraud and Fake Followers

*Campaign Performance Measured and Delivered – Detailed Reporting

*Internal Tools to Identify the Best Influencers

*Constant Tracking of Emerging Social Platforms

*Large Network – Access to over 500 mil Followers

*Over 2000 Separate Promotions

*8+ Years Experience in Social Media

*Thousands of Influencers Worked With

And last but not least, our killer Micro-Influencer Program. We can get you MORE influencers to create MORE videos for your brand. For one recent client, we were able to create over 3500 video posts within 30 days.

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Our Services

Boomopolis is the influencer marketing arm of your business. We are passionate about helping you accelerate your growth through the services below:

Influencer Marketing – We get people with high social media followings to create photo and video content for your brand and distribute it to their network. This include live event appearances. It also includes boosting the ads.

Influencer Re-Targeting – We create our own ads (usually photos incorporating the brand and influencer) to run AFTER the initial influencer campaign. We then grab the influencers’ Facebook/Instagram audience and market our ads only to that influencer’s audience.

*Additional Services include: Influencer Identification Packages

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Our Process

1. DISCOVERY: We find out about your brand – get to know your budget, target demo, when you’d like to run the campaign, platform preferences, etc.  Get Proposal Today.

2. PROPOSAL: This consists of the number of influencers used (within a range), number of posts, the platforms utilized, guaranteed impressions, engagements, following level and sample influencers.

3. INFLUENCER APPROVAL: We submit influencers for approval. From the ones who are approved, Boomopolis activates a portion of those to fit within the brand’s budget.

4. CONTENT APPROVAL: The brand approves of the content after submission -allowing for revisions if needed.

5. POSTS GO LIVE: We manage the respective campaign process while tracking KPI’s and engagement.

6. RESULTS DELIVERY: We send statistical summary of KPI’s and Engagement including Likes, Views, Shares, Comments, etc.

7. HAPPY CLIENTS: We have delivered on campaign goals. Brand and agencies are happy with the results.

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Why Influencer Marketing?

We like to think of ourselves as more than simply an influencer marketing company. We are your outsourced social media content studio because in addition to the distribution that influencers provide, they are also creating content for your brand which you can re-use on your own channels.

And it’s just not about beautiful girls taking selfies. We have influencers in all categories including: Kids, Parents, Pets, Sports, Music, Comedy, Gaming, Travel, Business, Technology, Culinary, Health, DIY and more. Their following level ranges from 25K up to 10 million, and the platforms they post on include Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitch, Triller and more. As for the benefits, just a few are below.

-92% of people trust recommendations from other people (even ones they don’t know) over brand content.

-Audiences finds influencers not only more appealing  than traditional celebrities, but influencers also drive a dramatically higher level of conversion. This is because they find them more relatable – similar to getting a recommendation from a friend, only a very powerful friend.

-84% of marketers now expect to include at lease one influencer in their campaigns. 75% of advertisers are now utilizing it.  43% said they’ll increase their spending within the next 12 months. Total brand spending on influencer marketing is projected to reach $101 billion by 2020.

-Combats ad blocking, leverages creative content in an authentic way.

-The proof is in the data. It is now one of the fastest growing channels for customer acquisition. For companies who can track results in terms of downloads, online purchases, etc., when the campaign is executed well, the brand notices a significant spike after a group of influencers post about the brand.

Having said all this, influencer marketing, just like any other discipline, can fail when not executed by professionals who are familiar with this unique industry. This takes cooperation from all parties in order to make each campaign fulfull its highest potential.  It’s also important to carefully define what success looks like before a campaign begins, and this will differ depending on the brand or agency.  Feel free to email grow@boomopolis.com  or  Get started today with a customized proposal.

Brand Deals
20 Mil+
3 Bil+
Events & Appearances
500 Mil+
Fans & Followers

Meet a few of our many clients. We’ve worked with over 100 companies ranging from apps
to record labels to big brands to TV shows.


Case Studies




Our 2019 YouTube Compilation

Our 2018 YouTube Compilation

VIEW MORE promotions from both macro and micro influencers on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and More.

Our Influencers


We generally use influencers who have the 3 top qualities to get the best ROI for the companies we work with: creativity, affordability and reliability. We also work on the emerging social platforms. Through our network of influencers, we have access to roughly:

200 Mil+
200 Mil+
50 Mil+
50 Mil+
100 Mil+
100 Mil+


We have influencers in all categories including: Kids, Parents, Pets, Sports, Music, Comedy, Gaming, Travel, Business, Technology, Culinary, Health, DIY and more.

Some of our featured influencers are listed below. Please contact us for a complete list.



As the CEO of Boomopolis, Aaronson oversees all aspects of the company’s influencer marketing campaigns.

After attending UC Berkeley and graduating from NYU, Aaronson soon became known for capitalizing on trends before they hit the mainstream. He was one of the early pioneers in online video, independent film, reality TV (producer for The Bachelor, Monster Garage) and music documentaries- earning one of the first platinum records for a DVD documentary as a producer (Warner Bros – Maybe Memories – The Used). He later founded and managed numerous web properties – including a wellness directory (acquired in 2011) which catered to numerous Fortune 500 clients like Microsoft, Disney, Facebook and even Miley Cyrus. Through the site, he developed many technological breakthroughs like pay per lead click thru and first come/first served appointment setting via text.

His influencer marketing journey began when a popular Viner came to look at his guest house for rent. When the Viner posted a video in Aaronson’s backyard, and it got thousands of likes within 3 minutes, Aaronson was immediately sold. Within weeks, he got his first brand deal, and the rest is history.

SPEAKING: Digital Entertainment World Expo, Digital LA, Startup California, Silicon Beach Fest, UCLA, Loyola Marymount, Learning Annex, Tavis Smiley and VSDA.

PRESS: LA Biz Journal,  Big Commerce, CNET, TV.Com, Virgin, Variety, Citypaper, SF Weekly, Chicago Tribune, Roger Ebert, AOL Critics Choice, Channel 9, Outside Mag, Daily Candy, SocalTech, Tasty Trade.

VIDEO OF EVAN AARONSON on BUSINESS ROCKSTARShttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxm5oVFNvTA