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Case Study 1: Entertainment & Music

20th Century Fox – Poltergeist Film

To excite an entirely new generation about a sequel to an already cult classic film. The studio wanted to have the biggest opening weekend possible. They wanted their fans excited and lining up at the door to be the first to see it.

Use social media influencers to target a new generation of Poltergeist fans. Create organic buzz around the film’s trailer and their own social platforms. Using the mixture of Vine, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, we blasted the name, trailer and handles of the Poltergeist film everywhere.

05-18-15-Drea KnowsBest-Poltergeist-Follow @poltergiestfilm

02-7-15 – Meghan McCarthy – Poltergeist – I can’t handle the new Poltergeist trailer #sp