FRANKLY RESULTS Hundreds of entries started flowing in, and the app soon skyrocketed from 725 in overall app rankings to 61 (in 1 day). One of the posts has now received over 250,000 Likes. A Contest Winner: TALIO RESULTS The app jumped from rank 1400 to rank 89 within a few days. CRAZY BOUNCE RESULTS We were able to get this app to #1 in trending searches on the app store.  
Case Study 4: Apps

Goal: Introduce the app’s new features.
Strategy: We had 10 Instagram/Vine influencers with a combined total of roughly 10 million followers make creative posts about the app and challenge their fans to do the same. The winner would get a free chat with the influencer plus a share.

Goal: Gain traction among the Gen Y community.
Strategy: Get our best influencers to post engaging content about the app and its benefits. Then get another group of influencers to share those posts.

Goal: Get Crazy Bounce as many app downloads as possible.                                   Strategy: Activate 5 top Instagram influencers with a combined total of under 500,000 to promote the app.

Goal: Reach a Southern demographic for their Instagram/ Facebook campaign. Our Strategy: We carefully chose 3 influencers to do posts on their behalf. As a bonus, we also shared their posts to a few other large Instagram accounts for a few hours at a time. The campaign got an estimated extra 6K likes and 40,000 views at no charge to the client.