Minimum goals were based on industry averages. Only 5% of the total budget was used for sharing. 

Influencer 1 – Photo (Instagram) – Engagement Goal: 343 / Result: 1365
Influencer 2 – Photo (Instagram & Faceb) – Engagement Goal: 77 / Result: 200
Influencer 3 – Photo (Twtr/Insta/Faceb) – Engagement Goal: 13K / Result: 40,009
Influencer 4 – Photo (Twtr/Insta/Faceb) – Engagement Goal: 750 / Result: 7740
Influencer 5 – 3 Photos (Pinterest) – Engagement Goal: N/A / Result: 135 RePins
Influencer 6 – Video (Twtr/Insta/Faceb) – View Goal: 22,152 / Result: 37,664
Influencer 7 – Video (Twtr/Insta/Faceb) – View Goal: 1400 / Result: 4,604

TOTAL PHOTO GOAL –  14,170 Engagements / RESULT: 49,314 Engagements
Over Delivered by 3.5X

TOTAL VIDEO GOAL – 23,552 Views / RESULT: 42,268 Views
Over Delivered by 2X


We’re confident this resulted in quite a few number book sales.  Feel free to click through some of the links below – note that many of them may not still be live. Christi Lukasiak 1, Christi Lukasiak 2, Christi Lukasiak 3, Nia Rader 1, Nia Rader 2, Nia Rader 3 / Jason Nash 1, Jason Nash 2, Jason Nash 3 / Ken LaBrant / Thrifty Nifty Mommy / HowDoesShe / Brittlestar 1, Brittlestar 2, Brittlestar 3

Case Study 6: Publishing – Make Your Kid A Money Genius by Beth Kobliner

Beth Kobliner is a well-known author whose publishing arm wanted additional exposure for her new book, Make Your Kid a Money Genius (Even if You’re Not). They wanted to target influencers with followers who are mostly parents and only utilize social platforms that catered to this demographic.  The posts would all go live within 4 days surrounding the book’s release.

First, Boomopolis established the platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.  Then we sent quite a list of roughly 50 potential parent influencers for our client to approve.  From the 16 that were approved, we were able to lock in 7 who would create original content and 2 who would simply share content.  The original influencers included Christi Lukasiak, Nia Rader, Brittlestar, ThriftyNiftyMommy, Ken LaBrant, Jason Nash. The shared ones included Josh Darnit (retweet) and Savannah Soutas (retweet and a Facebook share).
After the influencers created the photo or video, we sent it to our client for approval along with a proposed caption. The captions had each influencer talk about why the book was worthwhile and then include a link to the Amazon store as a call to action. Once approved, the posts would go live, and we notified the client via email.
We also set up minimum targets/goals for each influencer in terms of views (for video posts) and engagement (for picture posts). We later sent them a full report which included views, likes, comments, shares and total reach.